Sewing Room
New England Village
Ladder and Vignettes in Garden Crates

Where projects are born and grow...
(I actually quilt downstairs (website) where I have large tables for cutting and for two sewing machines.)
Tree, three quilts, and wall hangings feature Mary Engelbreit decor and fabric.
New England Village
Charles Dickens; 1812-1870; Portsmouth and London, England
New England Village Vignettes in old garden crates
Bob White HouseDeacon's Way Chapel. Churches have twinkling bulbs.
Lighthouse has flashing beacon. Notice ducks.Cape Keag Fish Cannery
The sewing room was dedicated to New England Village buildings. Fortunately, I located old vintage plant crates in which I could arrange each vignette. The crates were screwed to each ladder rung to insure stability of each vignette. The challenge was to incorporate visual and automated features which always require additional wiring and transformers; i.e, the lighthouse has an intermittent flashing beacon; the smoke house features smoke coming out of the chimney, etc. When dusting, each vignette has be taken outside and each item dusted singly with an artist's brush, a huge chore.
Captain's house and Chowder House. Notice lobsters.
Shorter ladder with two New England Vignettes
Steen's Maple House, John Pierce Boat Works
Music: "Over The Rainbow"
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