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Chick Girl
Hummel collection
Close HarmonyWe had purchased a few Hummels on our trip to Europe/Munich in 1965, but had not planned on a "collection." In the 1970's and 1980's, my boss at The Boeing Company had business trips to Munich. He obliged my request to pick up several Hummels on his trips. Among the pieces he purchased for us was the entire Nativity grouping. We still have all of the Hummell figures (as well as an individual box for each figure). Wayside Devotiion
Hummels; Shelf #1
Hummels; Shelf #2
Not all figures are shown in these pictures.
Hummels; Shelf #3
Hummels; Shelf #4
Hummels; Bottom Shelf
Music: "Over The Rainbow"
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