Guest Bedroom

Dickens Village
(Rural Scenes reminiscent of
Claradell's childhood days at Grandma's farm)
Dickens Village Farm Vignettes
The silhouettes are Claradell when she was 16. She worked at the Iowa State Fair for
Nemo and Elsa Markay, master silhouette cutters from Havana, Cuba who eventually owned
and operated the Disneyland Silhouette Studio on Main Street in Disneyland.
Claradell made pillows using fabric used in drapes and to match the wallpaper. Memorabilia items grace the shelving installed high up on the wall on both ends of the bedroom; i.e., our first toaster, a hand meat grinder we used during the 1940's, etc.
The double Irish chain quilt was made utilizing fabric used in the drapes and the wallpaper. Also, I used this same fabric to wrap the small gift boxes which decorate the tree hanging on the wall. The wall photos are from Claradell's family album.
Tree to match room decor. Pieces of styrofoan (for size consistency) wrapped in
the room's wallpaper and fabric used for drapes.
Dickens Village Farm Vignettes (Barley Bree Farm; building was released in 1987)
Grandma wore her hair tied back in a bun. Our pump was just outside of our front door.
Our walkways, most especially from the house to the outhouse, were cinders from our wood stove inside.
(Those cinders really hurt bare feet in the middle of the night, but Grandma had the chamber pot in her room.)
Dickens Village Farm Vignettes (Barley Bree Farm; two building were released in 1987)
Dickens Village Farm Vignettes
The large steel tub was used as a water trough for the livestock. Along the way on the tour, there were small buttons placed so that visitors could depress the button to elicit sound. The small square box in the lower right-hand corner emitted the sounds of the farm animals, a cat, a hen, a cow, and a dog, etc.
(Fabric was used in a number of the vignettes to simulate the ground cover.)
Dickens Village Farm Vignettes (Ivy Glen Church; building was released in 1988)
This room has a wall of cherished old family pictures.
(The music button plays "Old Macdonald Had a Farm.")
Music: "Over The Rainbow"
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